Installation of a community network in service to non-connected rural communities

Installation of a community network in service to non-connected rural communities

A CONEXION in alliance with Ilopango’s Town Hall and the support of the Internet Society will execute the project “Installation of a community network in service to non-connected rural communities” in the community of Vista al Lago in Ilopango.

In many areas of the country, especially in rural areas, the population doesn’t have access to IT or the internet, this probably has been more evident in root with the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to work or study from home. The factors and reasons for this are plenty and varied, but one of the most important is the absence of electricity service (in El Salvador, 6% of the population doesn’t have this service) Without the service of electricity, it is impossible to have access to internet services and take advantage of its goods and benefits.

That is the reason why this project, seeks to achieve the installation and implementation of a photovoltaic plant. With the adequate and necessary infrastructure according to the characteristics of the community, we can provide to this vulnerable and less favored rural community with internet service.

Once this has been achieved, we will implement a digital alphabetization plan for children, youngsters and adults can achieve the correct and efficient exploitation of all the benefits of the internet and with this improve their quality of life.

We will assemble a community center with 10 computers so that they can count with the necessary equipment to access the internet. The project will also provide opportunities of work insertion and an improvement of technical skills to a group of youngsters from the same community. This group of youngsters will also integrate into the “TICONGLE by CONEXION ” program that trains in technical specialties and soft abilities to vulnerable youngsters in a speed up way so that they can opt for freelancing work, being able to do so from home or from the center of access. This will benefit around 125 people.

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